RN, MA, MSC (A) - Chair

Heather has been working in the health care sectors across Canada for over 40 years. She was born in Montreal and is a hospital-trained nurse. Heather went on to pursue her studies and is a graduate from both Concordia and McGill Universities. She moved to BC in 1996 to work at Children’s Hospital and subsequently has worked in a variety of administrative positions in Vancouver. Most recently she worked within Vancouver Community as the Regional Director for the Complex Mental Health and Addiction program. Heather has a passion for working with marginalized populations and was Vancouver Coastal Health’s lead for the Downtown Eastside Health and Safety initiatives for 12 years. Through her work she has experienced the power of the integration of the arts in health. She is an advocate of arts and health and understands how creating an environment where both thrive makes for better client and family care and more support for staff.  Heather has a strong interest in the theatre and in clown work. She has participated in clown studies under David McMurray Smith. Recently retired, Heather is working as a consultant and taking the opportunity to complete her doctorate studies.

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Board of Directors