On June 25, Late Nite Art & Arts Health BC presented the 30th edition of Late Nite Art at the UBC Medical Student & Alumni Centre, with support from the UBC Resident Wellness Office of Postgraduate Medical Education and the Office of Student Affairs.  For the first time ever, Late Nite Art tailored an event for those who study and work in the health sector, to explore how the arts can contribute to health and wellbeing.

The event was open to the public and was attended by over 60 professionals and students in the arts and health sectors.  Attendees included social workers, art therapists, health communications specialists, medical students, residents, staff physicians, psychologists, health authority administrators, geneticists, etc.

Dr. Ashley Heaslip, a Vancouver-based Family Medicine resident and UBC PhD student with a passion for narrative medicine, joined Julien Thomas of Late Nite Art to lead this evening of experimental art making. With Rup Sidhu, the resident musician setting the tone for the evening.

On the patio of the UBC Medical Student & Alumni Centre, guests shared a carefully curated charcuterie board with a friend they just met. There was a deliciously curated three-course menu with summer ingredients that included artichoke salad, kefteh kebabs and rosewater parfait with rosewater granita.

Through sharing food, guests quickly made new friends, opening them up for the explorative art party that followed. On long-tables covered with drawing paper and art supplies straight out of grade school, artist facilitators led the group through various exercises as creativity spilled from the heart and mind and was left on the table for everyone to share.