I am honoured to be included among these amazing Canadian Women Changing Healthcare , the 2nd annual list put together by Patient Commando .  Most importantly, I'm delighted to see that the arts are being recognized for the transformational powers they have on our health and wellbeing. My hope is that by having our work in arts and health recognized on this list, more people will become aware of the health and healing benefits of participation and engagement in arts and cultural activities.

“The arts provide a language for sharing that cuts through the clutter, the differences, the politics, the power imbalances, and what might be considered taboo, allowing for sharing to happen at a more genuine level. What would generally be a personal experience, through the act of making art and sharing becomes public. Thoughts and issues that would have been rendered invisible or trivial start gaining recognition. It is through this act of sharing and relating that the sense of isolation and loneliness lifts, one feels heard, feels a sense of meaning and gradually a sense of community develops. This sense of connection and social engagement is paramount to individuals’ and communities’ health and wellbeing. It is also when the seeds of social change are planted.”